Dem debates Round 1: Lots of free stuff, but nobody was asked how they’ll pay for it

BIAS: NBC News sat on info that would have cleared Brett Kavanaugh

Megyn Kelly fired for ‘blackface’ comments, but these Left-wing darlings actually donned it

NBC Panel slams porn star lawyer Avenatti, says he’s ‘begging for TV cameras’ (Video)

Pathetic: Network news shows fall for CRAZY speculation from ‘drunk’ former Trump campaign aide

NBC asks Ivanka Trump about allegations of sexual abuse by dad; her answer is off the charts

Former Trump chief of staff Priebus adds NEW details from McCabe meeting; says former deputy director assured him Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ narrative ‘TOTAL BS’ (Video)

CRAZY: NBC says it will broadcast PROTESTING players during its SUPER BOWL broadcast

Networks REFUSED to show booing fans at NFL games over the weekend

It’s over: Megyn Kelly’s Sunday newsmagazine to be pulled EARLY due to low ratings

Megyn Kelly continues to tank, hitting ‘new low’ in viewers

Source says NBC trying to dump the failing Megan Kelly

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