Pathetic: White liberal author lectured children about whiteness next to Kaepernick poster

NFL caves to Left, refuses to implement new policy prohibiting on-field protests during Anthem

Christian college DUMPS Nike after it launches ad campaign featuring NFL kneeler Kaepernick

Tucker Carlson BLASTS Nike for its ‘decadent,’ factually inaccurate ads featuring Kaepernick

Proof Roger Goodell is a COWARD: Here’s all the times the NFL BANNED ‘free speech’

BOOM! POTUS Trump solves the NFL ‘kneeling controversy’ in ONE tweet

COWARDS: NFL now freezing new policy FORBIDDING Anthem protests

NFL blow-out: The most PRO-football state in the UNION just sent owners, league a devastating message

NFL to players: ‘You will STAND during National Anthem!’

World CHUMPS: Entire Philadelphia Eagles team may BOYCOTT White House visit after winning Super Bowl

NFL linebacker Edwin Jackson allegedly MURDERED by illegal alien driving DRUNK

Loony Lefties at the NFL ASKED veterans group to advertise but then REJECTED ad over these TWO words

CRAZY: NBC says it will broadcast PROTESTING players during its SUPER BOWL broadcast

This is the PHOTO Trump wants ALL kneeling NFL players to see: ‘This is WHY we stand’

CLOWN show: NFL fines a player for wearing Christmas cleats, but disrespecting ANTHEM, country, OK

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