NRA crowd HAILS Trump after he announces he is ditching Obama’s UN gun control treaty

Hate and hypocrisy: Anti-gun activist threatens to murder GOP lawmaker, NRA members caught on camera

Baltimore’s Dem mayor actually believes the NRA supports private ownership of ‘rocket launchers’

Wait, what? Parkland shooting commission adopts the NRA’s recommendation to arm teachers

Pro-2nd groups sue Washington over new gun control restrictions the Left would never accept for the First Amendment

OUTRAGE: Twitter user says Dana Loesch’s kids should be ‘murdered’ but the platform says ‘NO violation’

David Hogg makes up LIE about NRA and gun sales, gets fact-smacked

NRA schools fake news media, Democrats on ‘3D’ printed guns

MASSIVE: NRA crushes it with 15-year fundraising record in March

‘Non-partisan’ group of Hollywood elites launch ‘NoRA’ anti-gun group with Parkland student David Hogg

Left WORRIED that Senate hearing on Parkland school shooting will NOT focus on NRA and instead on FBI, law enforcement

NRA accuses companies of ‘cowardice’ after severing ties under threat of boycott

NRA’s Loesch following CNN ‘town hall’ screamfest: ‘I had to have security to get out of there’

Actor James Woods drops a truth bomb about the NRA and mass shootings

Trump to NRA: ‘8-year assault on 2nd amendment is over’

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