obstruction of justice

Democrat obstructionism is working: ICE agents fail to make ANY arrests in NYC during early deportation operations

Graham: ‘Obstruction of justice’ has occurred, but it was HILLARY, not POTUS Trump, who did it

Limbaugh: Mueller ‘stands American jurisprudence on its head’ declaring POTUS Trump must be ‘guilty until proven innocent’

Lindsey Graham refutes Judge Napolitano’s claim that Mueller report implicates Trump in obstruction: ‘He’s 100 percent wrong’

Who’s next? Massachusetts judge is INDICTED for blocking ICE agents from detaining a two-time illegal alien deportee

Pulitzer winner says Trump ‘broke the brains’ of ‘a lot of people’ with his steadfast resistance to coup attempt

Gowdy: Dems will make ‘next two years even worse’ for POTUS Trump (Video)

So Trump wanted to ‘end’ a bogus special counsel probe — how is that ‘controversial?’

Charge Mueller with obstruction? Damning evidence may have destroyed to protect Deep State

Here’s what Trump CAN and SHOULD do to negate the Mueller ‘witch hunt’

Bongino: Loretta Lynch may have OBSTRUCTED justice to get Hillary off the hook

Mueller: POTUS Trump still ‘under investigation’ but ‘not a criminal subject’

Legal experts: Mueller’s probe shaping up to be huge nothing burger

Former FBI asst. director says ‘pure TNT’ coming in DoJ inspector general report

Report: Justice Dept. reviewing possibility of charges against Oakland mayor who TIPPED OFF illegal aliens to ICE raid

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