Report: Michael Cohen’s attorney approached POTUS Trump about a PARDON for the rat

On his way out the door, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown wants to pardon murderers and protect illegals

LOL! Trump trolls the lunatic Left as he pardons TWO turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving Day

POTUS Trump to pardon Manafort? Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt says so

POTUS JUSTICE! Trump pardons Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond after BOGUS jail term

Kim Kardashian: ‘I want POTUS Trump to WIN’

Part of the PROBLEM: Gov. ‘Moonbeam’ in Calif. PARDONS immigrant FELONS facing deportation

Left-wing hate against Sheriff Arpaio continues as federal judge may refuse to vacate conviction after Trump pardon

Trump pardons early supporter Sheriff Joe

Trump said to be mulling pardon for Sheriff Joe

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