Parkland Florida

Publix CEO tells extortionist Parkland student David Hogg to shove it; chain WON’T pay $1 million demand

Damning new PD report provides more details about “Broward Cowards” who hid while students were slaughtered

School resource officers BROWBEAT ‘pro-Second Amendment kid’ Kyle Kashuv after pulling him out of class

Concealed carry, gun training spikes following Parkland school shooting amid rising anti-gun rhetoric

Parkland shooting victim slams Broward Sheriff Israel for failing to protect students

Gun sales skyrocket; set new records in March amid Left’s push to repeal Second Amendment

Parkland students returning to school complain: ‘Feels like a prison;’ ‘invasion of privacy’

Update: There was confusion regarding where gun control activist David Hogg was during school shooting

Parkland shooting survivor says don’t blame guns, blame ‘cowards of Broward County’ (Video)

Left WORRIED that Senate hearing on Parkland school shooting will NOT focus on NRA and instead on FBI, law enforcement

Fla. Senate rejects ‘assault’ weapons ban and instead votes to ARM teachers

Parkland, Florida shooting puts DEM Sen. Bill Nelson in danger of losing to Gov. Rick Scott

CONFIRMED: Broward deputies ORDERED not to enter Parkland school as kids, staff were being shot

Pravda media fail: Most blame Florida school shooting on government, not guns

Hey, media haters: Trump DID play the role of hero, so stop bashing what he said about intervening in the Florida school shooting

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