President Donald J. Trump

POTUS to DoJ: ‘Investigate Obama’s spy operation NOW’

Jim Jordan heaps praise on POTUS Trump for promises kept, wonders where all the GOP’s ‘conservatives’ went

Obama legacy in FLAMES as Sessions Sessions ends 44’s transgender prison rule

PROOF of bias: Far-Left journalists approvingly circulate column calling on lib writers to ‘give up’ on white Republicans

Non-stop leaks leading to massive PURGE of White House staff: Report

Sen. Thune: ‘I highly DOUBT’ Mueller’s bogus probe ends with POTUS Trump impeachment referral

POTUS Trump DOUBLES down on MS-13 description: ‘I will ALWAYS call them animals’

Trump to CUT funding to Planned Parenthood under 1970 law: WINNING

OWNED: Joe diGenova’s legal advice to Deep State skunk Brennan is ‘get a good lawyer’

BOMBSHELL: DoJ IG Horowitz found ‘reasonable grounds’ FBI/Justice broke LAWS in Clinton email case

Lying LIARS: Pravda media INVENT Trump comments about illegal immigration; leave out reference to MS-13 gang

Dirty cop ADMITS leaking Michael Cohen’s bank records to porn star lawyer

More proof the anti-Trump Democratic hate machine is an EPIC FAIL

More about NOTHING: Senate transcripts regarding Don Jr.’s Tower meeting with Russian lawyer PROVE he was telling the truth

Rudy G. says enough is enough: Will try to ‘pressure’ Mueller into dropping bogus probe after a year of nothing

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