President-elect Donald J. Trump

Botched Russia meddling analysis makes U.S. intel agencies appear politically motivated

George Soros says he wants Trump ‘to fail’ as he loses $1 billion since the election

Rand Paul: ‘Someone needs to go to jail’ over fake Trump dossier leak–Video

Black pastor vilified by Left-wing bullies because he agreed to participate in Trump inauguration

Trump seeks 10 percent cut on out-of-control costs for F-35

Made in America: Companies, firms, announcing thousands of new jobs and investment in U.S.

Same fake media that published fake polls before election now publishing fake polls on Trump’s ‘favorability rating’

You know who beat John Lewis on that bridge in Alabama? DEMOCRATS

The angry Left’s new narrative: Trump presidency ‘not legitimate’

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Trump effect: More American companies expanding in U.S.

BUSTED: Left-wing anarchists videoed planning Inauguration Day terrorism

IMF expects business-friendly policies from Trump administration, GOP Congress

Discredited ‘mainstream media’ that lies about Trump constantly now worried he may kick them out of the White House

Obama’s revenge? Russia says it is facing increased cyber attacks from abroad

Trump doesn’t have to respect angry Democrats who take every opportunity to treat him in a way Republicans never treated Obama

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