President-elect Donald J. Trump

Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance

Assange: Russia did NOT give WikiLeaks DNC, Clinton data; Obama trying to ‘de-legitimize’ election

Attorney General Sessions will keep busy just closing down ‘sanctuary cities’

The Dollar is king again as a wave of optimism spreads across America

GOP, Trump team planning repeal of Obamacare, crippling regulations

The Trump administration will have to remind the ‘mainstream’ media that Obama is no longer president

Legacy: Obama has tried to change our culture with mass immigration

John McAfee: Leaked DNC information did NOT come from Russians

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Obama and congressional Dems huddle in bid to block Trump, GOP from repealing Obamacare

Trump will face pushback over his deportation and border wall plans–from Republicans

What you’re seeing from the Obama White House is precisely the kind of disinformation campaign it accuses Russia of committing

Obama does it: Levels sanctions against Russia for ‘hacking’ U.S. election

Report: Obama administration planning more anti-Israel action at UN

Obama still planning to empty Guantanamo of known terrorists before he leaves office

Trump on new Obama sanctions against Russia: ‘Let’s get on with our lives’

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