President Trump

Did Obama ‘add more jobs’ than POTUS Trump? Yes, BUT…

Project Veritas bombshell reveals that GOOGLE has done more to ‘meddle’ in U.S. elections than Russia ever did: Will there be charges?

Megan McCain used ‘assassination language’ against POTUS Trump and the media, as usual, yawned

Mueller throws long-time pal and colleague Bill Barr under the bus in order to protect the Deep State

Activist judges are the new fascist dictators, obliterating our system of checks and balances

Blatant LIES: ‘Mainstream’ media blames Kirstjen Nielsen for enforcing ‘child separation’ policy ordered by liberal court DECADES ago

Study: U.S. is ALREADY home to one-fifth of the world’s migrant population (but Dems want MORE)

SHOCKING video: Adult migrants push children underwater, through razor wire to get into U.S.; but Democrats STILL say there’s no ‘crisis’ on the border?

As Texas cities are overwhelmed with tens of thousands of invading migrants, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats yawn

Trump threatens again to close U.S.-Mexico border after USBP reports crisis return of ‘catch-and-release’

House fails to override POTUS veto of bill blocking emergency border declaration; Pentagon shifts $1 billion for wall

Yes, the Democrats just admitted they plan to declare a national emergency to demand gun confiscation

Dems and RINOs have given Trump his 2020 rallying cry: ‘Finish the wall!’

Report: POTUS Trump wanted the DoJ to prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey

WTH? France finance minister says U.S. just as big a threat as CHINA

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