How come government can read our emails, require a Real ID to travel, and listen to our calls — but can’t ask about citizenship?

FBI ignoring GAO’s accuracy, privacy concerns involving facial recognition technology

We called it: Treasury’s Mnuchin slaps down Dem request for POTUS tax returns over ‘serious’ constitutional concerns

Landlord tells Harvard grad student to MOVE after roommates found her legally-owned firearms

Is the NSA still SPYING on American citizens? New IG report warns of ‘increased RISK’ to civil liberties

Unbridled LUNACY: Federal judge in Oregon rules high school boys MUST share locker room with ‘transgender’ who is a biological girl

Unhinged Leftists in Rhode Island try to pass bill to keep POTUS Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Police surveillance on steroids: Drones and AI systems MERGING to create flying spy robots

Coming soon to a public school near you: A robot that spies on your kids

The end of privacy: Drone makers looking to expand into civilian law enforcement market

U.S. employees agreeing to be microchipped for ‘convenience’ – is this the future of employment?

Pennsylvania school forces boy to “tolerate” undressing in front of transgender

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