public schools

Another Drag Queen Story Hour pervert exposed as a sex offender; why are public schools subjecting our children to these deviants?

Wow: Students now being EXPELLED from schools for ‘wrong’ views on transgenderism

They’ve lost it: Nearly ALL House Democrats sign onto bill that would force schools to put biological males on female sports teams

Growing Number of Schools Arming Themselves With Defense Budgets, Including Armed Teachers

Public education FAIL: Just 1-in-3 can pass U.S. citizenship test

Public school FAIL: 40 percent of Americans surveyed couldn’t name even ONE right contained in the First Amendment

Extremely biased high school history textbook casts Christians and Trump supporters as RACISTS and BIGOTS

New book reveals anti-Trump agenda, politicization of public school classrooms

Coming soon to a public school near you: A robot that spies on your kids

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