Lindsey Graham demands answers from FBI Director Wray after Roger Stone’s arrest, including who tipped off CNN

Hannity: Stone arrest indicates we may have already lost America

Fallout continues over heavily armed FBI raid of Roger Stone: ‘No reason except to intimidate’ and ‘poison jury pool’

Gestapo-style armed raid on Roger Stone proves “rank and file” FBI agents now on board with acts of tyranny

Lawyers, advocates blast FBI over raid of Clinton Foundation whistleblower

Grassley DEMANDS that FBI Director Wray explain raid on Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower

America’s Gestapo? FBI raid on Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower proves Deep State still controls FBI

WTH? FBI stalling led New Mexico police to step up and take down TERRORIST training camp

Unhinged Democrat supporters PROTEST ICE operation to break up CHILD sex-trafficking ring

DiGenova: Mueller is destroying DoJ and Sessions sitting around ‘like a bump on a log’

Dershowitz: Mueller-directed RAID on Trump lawyer Cohen UNCONSTITUTIONAL violation

Dershowitz: There is ‘DEAFENING silence’ from the ACLU following FBI RAID on Trump lawyer

Trump FURIOUS over FBI raid on personal lawyer Cohen; calls it ‘DISGRACEFUL’

REPORT: BLM used ‘incredible bias’ during overly aggressive RAID of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy

Team Mueller may have violated Manafort’s constitutional rights

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