Rand Paul

Why is Rand Paul helping Iran try to get sanctions lifted at a time when POTUS Trump has them on the ropes?

Rand Paul worries current political climate caused by DEMS will lead to an assassination

Rand Paul’s wife calls out Cory Booker in op-ed for ‘get in their faces’ comment

Left MELTS again after Trump says he’s considering REVOKING security clearances of Obama Deep State hacks

Rand Paul makes BOLD request of POTUS: ‘Revoke Brennan’s security clearance’ because he’s ‘monetizing’ it

Sen. Rand Paul CARPET BOMBS Deep State hack John Brennan after calling POTUS Trump a traitor

Rand Paul DEFENDS POTUS Trump against hysterical, dishonest MEDIA: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ is REAL!

LUNATIC who threatened to kill Rand Paul and his kids is a BERKELEY Democrat

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