White House slaps away ‘unprecedented’ ruling from OSC to ‘fire’ Kellyanne Conway

White House tells Nadler, Dems, to stuff it, orders Don McGahn to ignore subpoena for Mueller documents

AG Barr to Nadler, House Dems: ‘I’m NOT talking to your staff attorneys’ regarding Mueller redactions

Trump should push BACK against Dem document requests with claim of executive privilege — just like Obama did

Washington state AG threatens sheriffs: Enforce new gun laws or face the consequences

It is now undeniable: DEMS own the government shutdown after refusing POTUS Trump’s DACA deal

Gaetz: Democrats ‘keep voting against things that make us safe’ — like a border wall

Corsi REFUSES plea deal with Mueller: ‘I am not going to LIE’

More DoJ corruption: Department REFUSING to preserve Comey’s work-related emails

House Intel Chair Nunes gives DoJ 1-DAY deadline to HAND OVER docs regarding FBI’s Trump campaign spies

Liz ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren refuses to take DNA test; ‘I know who I am’

FBI is REFUSING to release documents about SECRET meeting between Comey, Obama because YOU don’t need to know

Ingraham: Here’s the REAL REASON why Hanks won’t screen ‘The Post’ at the White House

Toxic: Dem Sen. Joe Manchin doesn’t want Hillary anywhere near W. Va. race

NFL protests: Off-duty Miami cops REFUSED to work security at Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday

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