Rep. Adam Schiff

GOP Rep SLAMS Democrats on House Intel Committee over Hope Hicks leak; ‘Does process, accountability MATTER anymore?’

‘Leaker’ Adam Schiff CONCEDES (finally): ‘No evidence of Trump-Russia collusion’

Democrats’ House Intel Committee memo CONTRADICTS sworn testimony by James Comey

‘Leaker’ Adam Schiff CONFIRMS that DEM Intel Committee memo contained ‘methods and sources’

House Freedom Caucus chair Meadows BLASTS Adam Schiff, Dems over their bogus counter-memo

Whiny Adam Schiff MELTS DOWN after Trump refuses to release Dems BOGUS FISA counter-memo

Nunes hits BACK at ‘spurious’ FBI, DOJ objections to FISA memo release; NO more ‘stonewalling’ the American people

Goofball Adam Schiff doesn’t want ‘explosive’ FISA memo released because he thinks we’re too DUMB to understand it

Is House Intel ranking member Adam Schiff a LEAKER? Trump, Sanders CALL HIM OUT

Trey Gowdy RIPS suspected LEAKER Adam Schiff over outrageous claim of Trump-Russia collusion (Video)

Rep. Nunes planning comprehensive ‘FBI CORRUPTION’ report in building CRIMINAL case against SR. officials

EXPOSED? Trump assistant Dan Scavino calls out ‘Leaker Adam Schiff’

Top DEM on House Intel committee says DEMS who tried to get Trump dirt from Ukraine ‘inappropriate’

Top Dem on House Intel panel: ‘Queasy’ feeling over Loretta Lynch’s meddling in Clinton FBI case

11 months later, STILL no proof of Trump-Russia collusion; Dem lawmaker confirms

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