Rep. Devin Nunes

Nunes: One year into Mueller’s investigation and STILL no proof of ‘Trump-Russia collusion’

Former FBI agent-turned-CNN hack once again makes the bureau look like the KGB

POTUS Trump may have to fire EVERY top official at DoJ and the FBI

Devin Nunes drops bomb: House Intel Committee to hold Jeff Sessions in CONTEMPT

It’s OFFICIAL: House Intel Committee formally clears Trump and aides in Russia ‘collusion’ probe

Nunes: DoJ had NO evidence of wrongdoing when it began spying on Trump; ‘it was ALL political’

DoJ to grant House, Senate intel committees access to Carter Page FISA warrant applications in ‘extraordinary’ move

Report: Nunes puts Rosenstein on notice, threatens to sue FBI, DoJ for unredacted documents

Nunes: Deep State, Dems colluded to BRIEF the Obama White House on the Trump campaign

Nunes: ‘NO evidence’ of Trump-Russia collusion, but ‘CLEAR links’ between Russians, Clinton campaign (Video)

Nunes: Operatives in DoJ, FBI, fought Congress to hide fact that Hillary, DNC paid for BOGUS dossier

Sara Carter: Former Sec. of State John Kerry OFFICIALLY under investigation by House Intel Committee

Devin Nunes drops the BOMB: ‘There is CLEAR evidence of collusion’ but….

Nunes: FBI ‘may have violated criminal statutes’ in alleged FISA court ABUSES

Nunes WARNS: ‘Slew of subpoenas’ coming for State Dept. regarding BOGUS anti-Trump dossier

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