Rep. Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan heaps praise on POTUS Trump for promises kept, wonders where all the GOP’s ‘conservatives’ went

Rep. Jim Jordan has some legal words of advice for James Comey

Lawmaker: McCabe ‘lied four times under oath’

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Shocking’ FISA memo context revealed proving MASSIVE corruption at ‘HIGHEST levels’ (Video)

Rep. Gaetz over FISA warrant/dossier scandal: ‘I believe people will GO TO JAIL’ (Video)

House Freedom Caucus chair Meadows: ‘Some things coming out about the Trump dossier are SO UNBELIEVABLE’ (Video)

Obama HACKS try to SPIN their way out of Hezbollah-cocaine smuggling BOMBSHELL ahead of congressional probe

‘Absolute RED line’: Holder issues SECOND warning to GOP over Mueller; hints at civil unrest

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘I think we have proof’ of FBI working AGAINST Republican Party in last election (Video)

DEEP STATE: Rep. Jordan says FBI paid for, then based its Team Trump probe on BOGUS ‘dossier’ (Video)

Rep. Jim Jordan has some stellar advice for the GOP establishment

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