Gun sales skyrocket; set new records in March amid Left’s push to repeal Second Amendment

Lindsey Graham: ‘Let’s have the media ask every Democrat if they want to repeal the Second Amendment’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually said ‘no one is calling for repeal of Second Amendment’ after his network reported otherwise

Trump to gun-grabbing former SCOTUS Justice Stevens: ‘NO WAY’ 2nd Amendment will be repealed

What? Ex-Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens calls for REPEAL of the Second Amendment

Without the Individual Mandate, Obamacare Should Fall Apart in Court

MILLIONS of Americans getting bonuses, pay raises thanks to Trump-GOP tax but…Elizabeth Warren wants to END ALL OF THAT (Video)

Pathetic: More Republicans sign onto GOP-sponsored ‘bump stock ban’ legislation

Trump executive orders target Dodd-Frank, taxes in bid to reduce their impact

House releases Obamacare repeal plan; Senate GOP RINOs say they will oppose if millions left uninsured

Parting gift: Obamacare premiums to jump 20% in 2017

‘4 to 5’ executive orders? Actually, Trump may sign as many as 200

Trump plans to use executive orders to unwind some of Obamacare

GOP seeks to fast-track Obamacare repeal using method Democrats used to pass it

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