Sarah Sanders leaves White House with ‘head held high’ as she praises POTUS Trump

So, blacks are okay with white racism as long as it comes from a Democrat? The Washington Post says so

State Dept. mocks McGurk’s claim he left ‘on principle;’ says ‘he should have been gone’ earlier this year

POTUS Trump’s Syria policy continues to claim casualties — in the DC Swamp

Where was the DC establishment ‘panic’ when OBAMA fired Gen. Mattis without even calling him?

Report: No, POTUS Chief of Staff John Kelly is NOT ‘resigning’

Jeff Sessions is out as AG: Here’s what should happen next

GOP introduces measure to CENSURE crank Maxine Waters and call for her to RESIGN after ordering supporters to threaten TRUMP admin staff

Trump-hating New York AG Schneiderman RESIGNS amid allegations he BEAT women

WOW: Trump-hating FBI lawyer Lisa Page RESIGNS along with Comey confidant James Baker

FBI Deputy Director McCABE RESIGNS; is the FISA memo about to implicate him?

Dem hypocrites NOW tell creepy Al Franken to REMAIN in Senate

Franken resigning from Senate; makes sure to blame HIS sexual misconduct on…Trump

Defiant Dems: Conyers lawyer says he ‘sure as hell’ won’t be pressured to resign by Pelosi over sex harassment complaints

Former CIA Director Morrell gives Harvard the middle finger after university extends invite to traitor Chelsea Manning

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