Trump being advised to ignore Supreme Court ruling regarding citizenship question and add it to 2020 Census

In wake of SCOTUS ruling on citizenship question for census, Trump makes reasonable proposal: ‘Let’s wait’

Chief Justice John Roberts just PROVED Trump’s point: The Supreme Court IS politicized

ICYMI: Supreme Court smashed another unconstitutional Obamacare rule that would have closed hospitals

Another judicial activist judge blocks POTUS Trump from securing our borders by suspending his use of military funds

Charlottesville judge rules Confederate monuments protected by state law and cannot be removed

Barr rules: Asylum seekers will REMAIN in detention pending their hearings instead of being released

Federal judge reverses his REVERSAL of “high capacity” magazine ban following a massive buying spree by California gun owners

Laws and oaths: Making the case for why POTUS Trump should IGNORE Fed judge’s asylum ruling

Despite SCOTUS ‘gay wedding cake’ ruling, Colorado Leftists are going after Christian baker Jack Phillips AGAIN

Indicted Russian firm Concord Management BACKHANDS Mueller then TAUNTS him with Kavanaugh decision seeking DISMISSAL of bogus bot case

Federal judge rules Trump admin does NOT have to send lawless ‘sanctuary state’ of California $1 million in delayed funding

ANOTHER lower court judge blocks Trump admin from ending DACA

Calif. court rules cake maker does NOT have to make wedding cake for gay couple

Supreme Court kills challenges to Trump’s refugee ban

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