Russia collusion

Uranium One lawyer Victoria Toensing joining Trump legal team as pressure mounts on Mueller

The probe with NO END: Mueller’s ‘collusion’ investigation will last WELL INTO 2018

Now DEMS have a ‘Russia problem’

Mueller looking to target six White House aides in the most politically motivated ‘special counsel’ probe ever

Va. Rep. Brat destroys Democrats, CNN, over Trump ‘Russia’ and ‘impeachment’ narrative

Former Trump campaign aide blasts Dems on House Intel Committee for insinuating he played role in Russian election ‘meddling’

What’s this? Russian lawyer sat next to Obama’s Russia ambassador just DAYS after Trump Jr. meeting

Remember that Trump ‘dossier?’ That was Democrats using RUSSIA-fed info to attack the prez

Did the Deep State plan it’s bogus “Russia narrative” to discredit Trump because they believed ALL along he would BEAT Hillary Clinton?

Gowdy slams Dems who suggest ‘evidence’ of Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ as ‘reckless,’ ‘baseless’

Comey circus testimony makes one thing clear: Dems need to put up or shut up

Former Obama intel officials refuse to publicly answer Russia-related questions regarding dirt they may have had on Hillary Clinton

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