Russia investigation

Senate Intel Committee wants to talk to mysterious British security consultant over possible Israeli connections to 2016 election

Mystery surrounds Supreme Court filing by foreign firm in fight with Mueller

WOW: Sessions said to have cited WRONG law when he recused himself from Trump-Russia probe

Trump VINDICATION: Report says Obama admin DID ‘wiretap’ campaign

Turley: Rosenstein should ‘recuse himself’ from Russia investigation

Former federal prosecutor: Mueller investigation into Trump ‘going too far’

‘This is a war’: Trump campaign takes offensive to spread mistrust of Mueller probe

SWAMP: Mueller’s investigators trying to turn Manafort against Trump

SHOWDOWN: Mueller expands his probe into Trump business dealings after president warned him to stick to Russia only

Is Trump about to intervene in Mueller’s Russia investigation?

Former Trump campaign aide blasts Dems on House Intel Committee for insinuating he played role in Russian election ‘meddling’

SHOCKER: Obama Justice Dept. let into U.S. the Russian lawyer before she met Trump Jr.

Ex-Obama cyber security czar exposes “Russian hacking” hoax, says it DIDN’T happen

Gingrich to Congress: Call Obama to testify

Flashback: Why the claim that Russia wanted to help Trump and not Clinton NEVER made any sense

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