Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Sanders leaves White House with ‘head held high’ as she praises POTUS Trump

No, the White House has NOT caved on border wall funding (yet): Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders torches criminal Comey after he slams the president, Fox News

Sarah Sanders drops TRUTH BOMB on media: ‘You guys are dividing the country!’

THIS is why White House needs to begin REVOKING press passes — And Acosta, you should be NEXT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders eviscerates CNN’s Jim Acosta — again

Sarah Sanders calls out Dems over Pompeo nomination: ‘Do they love U.S. more than they hate POTUS?’

CNN clown Jim Acosta DESTROYED by Sara Sanders after his whining on live TV

Sarah Sanders NUKES Nancy Pelosi with this late-night tweet

Sarah Sanders to media over leaks of classified info: ‘Look around this room’ (Video)

Huckabee Sanders TORCHES mainstream media HACK for attempting to blame school shooting on TRUMP

White House on #SchumerShutdown: DEMS holding Americans, U.S. military, hostage over ILLEGAL aliens

Sarah Huckabee Sanders DESTROYS Chuck Schumer, press, over ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ claims that prez is a ‘racist’

Is House Intel ranking member Adam Schiff a LEAKER? Trump, Sanders CALL HIM OUT

LOL: CNN’s Jim Acosta jousts with Huckabee Sanders in trying to justify and defend FAKE news

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