Mueller’s corrupt prosecutors attempted to get Michael Flynn to cop to a lie, then labeled him a ‘co-conspirator’ to bogus charge

Fox panel: Russians intercepted Clinton email sent to FBI suggesting cover-up to exonerate her

Where’s the ‘mainstream’ media? Project Veritas bombshell report exposing Google’s likely illegal election meddling ignored

Gowdy: Corrupt FBI gave TWO different types of briefings to candidates Clinton and Trump

Gingrich mocks critics of Trump’s claim that Obama ‘must’ve known’ about ‘Spygate’ — ‘Only a liberal could pretend he didn’t’ (Video)

Trump drops giant hint to Stephanopoulos: ‘You’re gonna find out’ if Obama knew about ‘Spygate’

Lindsey Graham says Mueller report ‘final word’ for him on ‘Spygate’ scandal: What happened to the investigations he promised?

It began with a lie: Bruce Ohr’s pivotal role in ‘Spygate’

Hillary may have masterminded the ‘Spygate’ scandal but the great enabler, OBAMA, let it all happen

Nunes on Deep State: ‘Someone was running an op against the Trump campaign on FOREIGN soil’

Unprecedented: Italian PM reportedly fires several top intelligence agency chiefs over their cooperation with Obama deep state in ‘Spygate’

Comey says BRENNAN was the one who ‘insisted’ that bogus Steele dossier be added to intel community’s ‘Russian collusion’ assessment

Gowdy says emails between Brennan, Comey indicate ONE of them demanded Steele be taken seriously (Video)

AG Barr already outmaneuvering the Obama-Hillary deep state with brilliant Durham pick

Running for cover? Rosenstein BLASTS Comey as ‘political partisan’ who ‘crossed bright lines’

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