school shootings

Latest Left-wing gun control push by Gabby Giffords is disgusting

FED UP: Almost 220 Texas school districts allow STAFF to be armed

Gun sales skyrocket; set new records in March amid Left’s push to repeal Second Amendment

We Hear You: 6 Young Americans Whose School Safety Ideas Don’t Include Restricting Gun Rights

Here’s the REAL reason we have mass shootings

Triggered Va. House delegates WALK OUT of speech on guns; claim ‘outrage’ as conservative schools them on school shootings (Video)

No, Trump has NOT ‘caved’ on ‘gun control’

Here’s a gun control stat for you: 98% of all mass shootings target ‘gun-free zones’ demanded by DEMS

WH Deputy Press Secretary Shah TORCHES tone-deaf MEDIA in discussion of arming teachers

High school student and Army recruit from Wisconsin INVENTS classroom door that STOPS school killers (Video)

Here’s how one Ohio sheriff is responding to the Florida school shooting — it would make our founders PROUD

Bongino to Geraldo: Criminals ‘don’t give a DAMN about your gun laws’

Huckabee Sanders TORCHES mainstream media HACK for attempting to blame school shooting on TRUMP

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