security clearance

Why does John Brennan STILL have his security clearance a year after POTUS Trump revoked it?

Trump campaign spy Stefan Halper part of Russian ‘set-up’ says Pentagon whistleblower: Sara Carter

Will he? POTUS Trump teases revoking unhinged CNN hack Phil Mudd’s security clearance

CNN ‘intelligence expert’ Phil Mudd loses it when confronted with TRUTH about Brennan and security clearances

WOW: Trump-supporting Pentagon staffer had clearance REVOKED after complaining about Spygate figure Stefan Halper

Dan Bongino details why the White House had NO choice but to yank Brennan’s security clearance

Hey, wait a minute: Special ops veterans wonder why POTUS Trump won’t strip HILLARY’s security clearance, too

Left MELTS again after Trump says he’s considering REVOKING security clearances of Obama Deep State hacks

Rand Paul makes BOLD request of POTUS: ‘Revoke Brennan’s security clearance’ because he’s ‘monetizing’ it

OUTRAGEOUS: Critics of security clearance process for Trump team see a POLITICIZED process

Hillary Clinton and aides had access to classified data AFTER leaving office: Report

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