Security alert: Experts warn about major flaws in 4G and 5G networks that allow others to listen in, send fake messages

Biden, in an op-ed, confuses Obama’s immigration policies with those of POTUS Trump

Pence: Iran plotting ‘new Holocaust’ to wipe out Israel as Jewish state considers response

Growing Number of Schools Arming Themselves With Defense Budgets, Including Armed Teachers

Another White House leak: Source reveals Trump’s schedule to suggest he’s been goofing off a lot

DHS, Secret Service backhand Pelosi over ‘security concerns’ claim regarding POTUS Trump’s State of the Union Address

Arizona sheriff to Democrats in DC: ‘Walls work’ to reduce illegal immigration, crime

Parkland students returning to school complain: ‘Feels like a prison;’ ‘invasion of privacy’

High school student and Army recruit from Wisconsin INVENTS classroom door that STOPS school killers (Video)

NFL protests: Off-duty Miami cops REFUSED to work security at Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday

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