Sen. John McCain

Here’s another reason why John McCain will forever be the Senate’s biggest turd

In the twilight of his life, the REAL John McCain emerges

McCain trashes Trump for congratulating Putin on election win – just like Obama did in 2012

Memo to Deep Statist John McCain: YOU are ‘helping Putin’ with this bogus ‘Russia collusion’ probe YOU HELPED START

HOT SEAT: John McCain lackey who handled bogus Trump dossier SUBPOENAED by House Intel Committee

Key McCAIN surrogate who handled bogus TRUMP dossier talking to House INTEL panel

#MAGA: Tax reform looks certain as McCain says he’ll vote for it

McCain irony fail: Takes time off sabotaging GOP to shred Hillary, who he said should ‘move on’

McCain says he’ll block Pentagon nominees over this controversial Army policy

Rand Paul, John McCain team up to sink Obamacare repeal

When did Rubio, McCain, and Romney join Antifa?

Trump hate: GOP ‘leaders’ conspiring against prez because they ‘don’t want him to succeed’

Report: McCain ‘foundation’ bears striking resemblance to corrupt Clinton family foundation – including taking money from George Soros

Media talks of continual ‘Trump crises’ but the media is causing them

Day of the Cowards: Ryan, McCain team up to strip Trump’s border wall funding request from spending bill

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