Senate Intelligence Committee

Senate Intel Committee wants to talk to mysterious British security consultant over possible Israeli connections to 2016 election

Didn’t get the memo: Senate Intel chairman Richard Burr issues subpoena to Don Jr. over ‘Russia matters’

Senate releases garbage report on ‘Russian influence’ in the 2016 election: ‘Muh…TRUMP’

Senate Intel Committee invites Wikileaks founder Assange to testify about ‘Russian interference’ — Is this a TRAP?

Russian collusion dying: Intel Committee Dem hints at next targets

Never-ending congressional ‘Russia collusion’ probe with Trump campaign to…never end

Sessions will testify before Senate Intel Committee to refute Comey claims

Senators demand leaked memo from Comey friend as he goes into hiding after being identified

That time James Comey implicated himself and Loretta Lynch in committing crimes

Trump lawyer: Prez feels ‘completely vindicated’ by Comey’s pre-testimony statement

Experts: Don’t expect many ‘bombshells’ from Comey’s testimony

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Flat out: Someone in government or the media is lying about ‘wiretapping’ Trump Tower story

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