Senate Judiciary Committee

Lindsey Graham says Mueller report ‘final word’ for him on ‘Spygate’ scandal: What happened to the investigations he promised?

Lindsey Graham working to declassify bombshell doc proving beyond doubt Comey’s FBI knew ‘Steele Dossier’ was garbage

AG Barr CONFIRMS the deep state’s worst fear: ‘We have multiple criminal leak investigations under way’

Graham: AG ‘Bill Barr is pretty upset’ over Spygate and ‘the way it was all handled’ (Video)

GOP senator blasts Google over lies about consumer privacy: “There’s NO way to really turn off tracking services” (Video)

Roger Stone tells Feinstein to stuff it; won’t cooperate with Senate Judiciary Committee

Senate to FBI: Investigate the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti over Kavanaugh claims

Chief counsel for Senate Judiciary Committee backhands Avenatti: ‘We focus on credible allegations’

No evidence needed to destroy the lives of conservatives, as accusations alone are now PROOF

Sex crimes prosecutor briefs Senate GOP on Ford testimony: ‘Not even enough for a warrant’

Sen. John Kennedy to Blasey Ford’s lawyers: ‘Hide your head in a bag for the rest of your lives’

Christine Blasey Ford’s story falls apart; dishonest tactics to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation exposed

Lindsey Graham talks about his epic defense of Brett Kavanaugh and disgust at Democrats

Kirsten Gillibrand made it plain why Kavanaugh’s testimony is completely worthless

Men interviewed by Senate Judiciary say they had encounter with Ford, NOT Kavanaugh

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