Limbaugh: POTUS Trump ‘set up’ Democrats with claim he might accept ‘foreign opposition research’

Court chaos in Flynn case proves two-tiered justice is the new standard in America

Turley on FBI’s targeting of Flynn: ‘A canned hunt;’ ‘Put him in a cage and shot him’ (Video)

Criminal Comey jokes about how he set up Michael Flynn, proving he’s just another DC swamp creature

It was a TRAP: Sentencing memo in Mike Flynn case proves Comey’s FBI was trying to set him up

CONFIRMED: Papadopoulos was framed by deep state Obama operatives, then exploited to frame POTUS Trump

Trump campaign spy Stefan Halper part of Russian ‘set-up’ says Pentagon whistleblower: Sara Carter

WOW: Deep Staters Comey and McCabe LET Sally Yates SET UP Michael Flynn

Rush Limbaugh reveals the REAL scandal behind the White House Correspondent’s Dinner — and it isn’t Michelle Wolf

Report: EPA insiders say administrator Pruitt is being SET UP

Wait, what? Comey told lawmakers FBI did NOT believe Michael Flynn LIED

O’Reilly on the Trump phone call to soldier’s widow: ‘Whole thing looks like a set-up’

SWAMP: Mueller’s investigators trying to turn Manafort against Trump

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