South China Sea

Australian navy says Chinese military fired blinding lasers at pilots in South China Sea

Pompeo to Philippines: U.S. will honor mutual defense treaty if attacked by China

U.S. substantially increasing forces in Pacific to counter ‘massive’ buildup by China

Army testing 1000-mile ‘super gun’ that can be used to strike Chinese targets without retaliation

War drums: Chinese military official urges Beijing to attack U.S. Navy ships in South China Sea

U.S. Navy commander: China has built a ‘great wall of SAMs’ in South China Sea

Bolton warns China over South China Sea confrontations: U.S. Navy can and will respond

Rubio: China close to ‘destroying’ U.S. alliances in the Pacific

Pentagon officially recognizes China’s ‘third naval force’ as threat to U.S. security

China building satellite constellation to monitor all of the South China Sea in further challenge to U.S. Navy supremacy

PENTAGON: Chinese military upgrading bomber force to strike U.S., allied targets in Pacific

China sends massive fleet, including aircraft carrier to South China Sea for combat exercises

Mattis: No, U.S. didn’t violate Chinese ‘sovereignty’ in South China Sea

Pentagon prepared to challenge outsized Chinese claims in South China Sea: Report

Russia, China planning ‘enormous’ military events, cooperation following joint South China Sea drills

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