special counsel

Dershowitz: Corrupt Mueller probe should be ‘the death knell’ for special counsels (Video)

Barr: ‘Mueller could have reached a decision on obstruction’ if he wanted to…but he didn’t

Limbaugh: Mueller ‘stands American jurisprudence on its head’ declaring POTUS Trump must be ‘guilty until proven innocent’

Subpoena happy: Dems consider forcing Robert Mueller to testify as GOP members rail against the machine

Clown show: Dems threaten AG Barr with contempt over Mueller report they can already read (Video)

Limbaugh: Mueller report could have been ‘one page long’ but was ‘written for Democrats’

Lindsey Graham wants another special counsel to probe DoJ, FBI abuses, but where is Sessions’ appointee John Huber?

Poll: 55 percent of Americans say $25M Mueller probe huge waste of money

Democrats now DEMANDING Mueller report be published for ‘transparency,’ but remember when they opposed declassification of the Carter FISA applications?

Democrats are extremists who want to continue chasing the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax while our country goes to hell in a hand basket

Flashback: Mueller’s probe of POTUS Trump had risen to the level of a national security threat

Unreal: Strzok told Congress Mueller never asked him about his anti-Trump texts

‘Schiffting’ to the next phase: Mueller ‘disappointment’ report is just the beginning of Dem’s next Trump assault

BOOM: Mueller will NOT issue final report in POTUS Trump probe, says former Prez lawyer

Robert Mueller isn’t likely to say anything publicly about his report , so Dems will be forced to leak it

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