Here is POTUS Donald Trump’s outstanding Normandy speech commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day (Video)

Running for cover? Rosenstein BLASTS Comey as ‘political partisan’ who ‘crossed bright lines’

NRA crowd HAILS Trump after he announces he is ditching Obama’s UN gun control treaty

Academic lunacy: University of Missouri chancellor rejects, condemns notion that men are NOT women

Ilhan Omar to Muslims: ‘Raise hell, make people uncomfortable’

POTUS Trump ‘unified’ Americans by unmasking party-first Democrats during SOTU Address

MLK’s niece: ‘I have a dream’ speech is coming TRUE

Shania Twain walks back praise of President Trump after the snowflakes on Twitter melt, making Joe Stalin smile in his grave

California senator introduces bill to kill free speech, install state-approved ‘fact-checkers’

Trump STORMS Davos: ‘Invest in AMERICA’ speech will turn prez into ROCK star

Trump unleashed: ‘Get that son of a b**ch off the field!’ as he calls for BOYCOTT of NFL over anthem protests

Trump slams North Korean leader as ‘rocket man’ at UN as experts praise ‘best ever’ speech

Ben Shapiro’s responses to an abortion question are classic

Trump Memorial Day speech: ‘Angels sent to us by God’

Police: ’99 percent chance’ there will be violence at Berkeley if Ann Coulter speaks

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