Stormy Daniels

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is such a scumbag he can’t even find an attorney to represent HIM

BOOM: POTUS Trump slaps Stormy Daniels with six-figure lawsuit

Who’s paying the bills? Porn star lawyer Avenatti rakes in $8 million ‘WINDFALL’ when he took on Stormy

Idiot porn star lawyer in Trump case has a LOT of explaining to do after THIS epic FAIL

Rudy issues clarification of previous statements that won’t make Trump-hating Deep State’s day

POTUS Trump announces he will seek DAMAGES from Stormy Daniels over breach of NDA

Giuliani comes clean about Stormy Daniels payment: ‘NOT a campaign finance violation’

While case against POTUS Trump progresses it’s BACK to porn for Stormy Daniels

Is Stormy Daniels lying? Story, description of suspect who allegedly accosted her don’t add up

Trump FURIOUS over FBI raid on personal lawyer Cohen; calls it ‘DISGRACEFUL’

CNN, obsessed with Trump and Stormy Daniels, praises JFK’s serial adultery as ‘legendary’

Stormy Daniels to ’60 Minutes’ — ‘I’m not a victim’

Another LIE! #neverTrump Wall Street Journal’s claim Prez’s lawyer paid HUSH money to adult film star is BOGUS (even SHE says so!)

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