New survey finds nearly six-in-10 support funding for POTUS Trump’s border wall

Whose side is she on? Embattled Rep. Omar once sought leniency for ISIS volunteers

Trump effect: Now that POTUS wants to end wars, Democrats suddenly support them

Boston Police union tells ‘Fauxcohontas’ Warren to take a hike, will not endorse her

Dems to be PERMANENT minority? Black support for POTUS Trump scales 36 PERCENT

Kanye GETS it: Tells Jimmy Kimmel he ‘can’t be bullied’ for supporting Trump

This statistic puts the big LIE to Democratic claims that ‘Hispanics hate TRUMP’

WHAT is he doing? AG Sessions comes out in DEFENSE of Rod Rosenstein after GOP lawmakers file articles of impeachment

NOT a shock poll: Vast majority of Americans BACK TRUMP’s immigration policies; want LESS, not MORE border enforcement

Majority of Americans side with TRUMP on border wall, illegal immigration

Jim Jordan heaps praise on POTUS Trump for promises kept, wonders where all the GOP’s ‘conservatives’ went

Civil rights pioneer says blacks should join the GOP in droves

Dems cry ‘RACISM’ over White House DACA compromise bill; multicultural MAJORITY of voters cry ‘WE WANT IT’

Republican Study Group wants this DACA bill, but it’s the one DEMOCRATS will HATE the MOST

15 y/o black teen praises TRUMP on MLK Day; ‘He’s done more for us than OBAMA ever did’ (Video)

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