Here’s why POTUS Trump’s Mexico migrant deal will work: Most Mexican citizens oppose illegal immigration

Early results on Trump’s immigration deal with Mexico show a DROP in arrests at U.S. border

Trump tariffs working: Apple to move 30 percent of production OUT of China due to tariffs

Wall Street soars after Trump tweets he will meet China’s Xi at G-20 as his country’s economy ‘crumbles’

Despite all the naysayers who are bashing President Trump’s tariffs, import costs to the U.S. FELL in May

Invasion: ICE forced to release more than 200,000 migrants into U.S. since December

POTUS tariff win? Mexico deploys troops to stop migrants and offers MAJOR concessions on border issues

Former acting ICE director Homan blasts RINOs, says Mexico ‘hasn’t done squat’ to help curb illegal migration (Video)

Gorka: GOP leaders in Senate ‘betraying’ POTUS Trump — again — over Mexican tariffs

POTUS for the win? Mexico’s president pleading to amp up immigration enforcement to end trade tariffs

That was fast: Mexican president AMLO seeks meeting with Trump admin after POTUS imposes tariffs over illegal immigration

Trump admin to provide $16 billion in aid to America’s farmers amid ongoing China ‘trade war’

Garbage American media doing the work of Communist China with lie after lie about POTUS Trump’s latest tariffs

POTUS says China’s Xi sent ‘beautiful letter’ in bid to salvage trade talks…that China sabotaged

Steve Bannon: ‘Most important day of Trump’s presidency’ occurred this week (Video)

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