tax reform

Expert: ‘Exodus’ from high-tax states like New York, California ‘just beginning’

What the lying media isn’t telling you about the Trump/GOP tax cuts: They really ARE cuts

Fake news: Outlets rushed to report tax refunds are lower this year to embarrass Trump, but really, they’re HIGHER

The New York Times owes Trump, Republicans a huge tax cut apology

Trump effect: Fewest on unemployment since ’73 as number of millionaire retirees grows

#MAGA BIG time! Apple pledges $350 BILLION investment in USA; 20,000 new jobs

BONUS: 90 percent of American workers to see MORE MONEY in paychecks NEXT month, thanks to Trump-GOP tax cuts

MILLIONS of Americans getting bonuses, pay raises thanks to Trump-GOP tax but…Elizabeth Warren wants to END ALL OF THAT (Video)

Getting PAID: White House says more than 1 MILLION Americans got bonuses following passage of HISTORIC Trump/GOP tax cut

Another one! Former HILLARY senior advisor FRETS Millennials will vote for GOP after tax cut leaves THEM with more of their own money

Trump POP: Prez approval rating hits months-long HIGH at year’s end

That time when Rosie O’Donnell committed a FELONY

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow told viewers HUGE LIE about GOP tax reform bill

Grrrreaat AGAIN: Home sales just hit NEW high

MERRY Christmas! Senate passes Trump Tax Bill

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