Expert: Even doubling all income taxes won’t cover the LOWEST cost estimate of socialist ‘BernieCare’

What the lying media isn’t telling you about the Trump/GOP tax cuts: They really ARE cuts

IRS refunds may be smaller, but the media isn’t telling the whole truth: Americans are paying LESS taxes to begin with

Poll finds most Americans support ‘Medicare for all’ until they find out it’ll cost them more

Trump-GOP tax cuts are helping nearly everyone, not just ‘the WEALTHY’

Clueless: Supporters of socialist Ocasio-Cortez have NO idea how to pay for her policies

Former Dem congressman has ‘given up on America’ after THIRD criminal conviction

Stormy’s scheister lawyer Avenatti’s past is catching up: Is he about to be DISBARRED?

Tax cuts for the ‘wealthy?’ It would be about time

Tax cuts this year? House fast-tracks Trump’s plan

Era of Big Government: Per capita taxes have DOUBLED since JFK

Trump lawyers: President’s 10-year tax records show ‘no income of any type from Russian sources’

Fair share? 44 percent of Americans won’t pay any federal income taxes

Record number of taxes collected by Fed, which STILL ran a massive deficit

The importance of tax reform, by the numbers

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