Team Trump

British intel informed incoming Trump team, Congress that Steele dossier was BS; why are Dems pushing for impeachment?

GOP senators to AG Barr: ‘Any improper FBI surveillance during 2016 election MUST be addressed’

Pompeo’s message to Deep State: ‘If you’re not on POTUS’ team, get out’

OMG: Did liar McCabe DESTROY Michael Flynn’s FBI interview record?

Rep. Gaetz drops MOAB on Speaker Ryan over his pathetic defense of Deep State ‘Spygate’ operation

Trump, GOP demanding probe into allegations that Russia ‘HACKED’ the DNC’s server

Rep. Issa: ‘DoJ, FBI are lying through their teeth’ to Congress about Team Trump spying (Video)

Justice Dept. misses deadline to hand over documents pertaining to Hillary email scandal, FISA abuse

Investigators seek to understand #NeverTrump CIA chief Brennan’s role in Russia investigation

Former Prosecutor on Collusion Narrative — ‘It’s Over’

Bongino: ‘Democrats covering up the BIGGEST political scandal in U.S. history;’ they have ‘NO credibility’ (Video)

Here’s PROOF that OBAMA is PERSONALLY implicated in Trump campaign SPYING SCANDAL

MASSIVE: The bogus ‘Trump dossier’ funded by Hillary’s campaign WAS used to obtain fraudulent FISA warrant to SPY on TEAM TRUMP

NY Times in full COVER-UP mode to help DEMS save their ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ narrative as House closes in on FBI’s improper use of ‘dossier’

Rosenstein REFUSED to say whether FBI paid for infamous ‘Trump dossier’

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