Jack Dorsey and Twitter support actual terrorist organizations by allowing them to remain online: Report

Bomb-laden drones used to attack Saudi oil stations as U.S. contemplates deploying 120,000 troops to Gulf to counter Iran

As explosions rocked rock Catholic churches, hotels in Sri Lanka, none DARED call attacks what they were: Islamic terrorism

Astonishing bias: 452 Islamic terror attacks in 31 countries just THIS YEAR (so far) and zero coverage from the media

Government authorities begin prosecuting Internet users who shared the New Zealand mosque attack video

Muslim physician refutes Trump ‘Islamophobia’ narrative, tells CNN: POTUS ‘beloved’ in Islamic world

New Zealand mass shooter is a far-Left “eco-fascist” who praised communist China

FBI: Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district TOPS in terrorist recruitment in the U.S.

Orwellian: Federal court rules no justification needed to place anyone on a “suspicious persons” list

Whose side is she on? Embattled Rep. Omar once sought leniency for ISIS volunteers

Time to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization after attempted assassination of German politician

Walls work: DHS says border agents stop 10 potential terrorists PER DAY from entering U.S.

UN’s refusal to back U.S. condemnation of Hamas terrorism is another reason why we should get out

Report: State Dept. says Hezbollah flooding Peru, Bolivia with terrorist assets

Finally: FBI arrests five New Mexico compound suspects after federal judge sets them free on technicality

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