Gowdy: GOP needs to stop ‘promising more to come’ in Spygate; we know enough already to go after people (Video)

TNS Video: Rod Rosenstein’s mysterious ‘third scope’ memo to Mueller

Graham: Mueller’s House testimony will ‘blow up’ in Democrats’ faces because his ‘conclusions won’t change’

Danny Glover’s plea for slavery reparations feeds into all the negative stereotypes about blacks

McCabe transcript from 2018 House testimony: Comey’s draft statement exonerating Hillary ‘not normal FBI protocol’

DiGenova: Christopher Steele testimony to ‘Bull’ Durham will PROVE ‘FBI lied to Congress’ and FISA court

Obama’s top FBI lawyer now claiming he was ‘concerned’ about the legitimacy of the Steele Dossier prior to 2016 election

Levin: Impanel grand jury NOW and move against Comey and his deep state ‘Spygate’ conspirators

Left-leaning prof and constitutional expert Jonathan Turley BURNS Nadler, Dems over Barr contempt charge

Didn’t get the memo: Senate Intel chairman Richard Burr issues subpoena to Don Jr. over ‘Russia matters’

Sen. Graham invites Robert Mueller to testify but only on one condition, and it’s GENIUS

AG Barr CONFIRMS the deep state’s worst fear: ‘We have multiple criminal leak investigations under way’

AG Barr refuses to back off ‘spying’ claim to describe what Obama did to the 2016 Trump campaign; why aren’t Dems concerned about the act instead?

Immigrant nominee for Ninth Circuit court schools Dems on racism: ‘My dad had a gut understanding of what makes America great’

DHS chief Nielsen: Central American countries ‘want their children back’ but U.S. can’t send them because the law doesn’t allow it

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