travel ban

SCOTUS keeps lowering the BOOM on lower FED courts that have issued rulings against TRUMP

Supreme Court kills challenges to Trump’s refugee ban

Trump wins again: Supreme Court tosses lower court’s ruling against his travel ban

Supreme Court smacks down Left-wing 9th Circuit (again) and upholds Trump’s travel ban restrictions

SCOTUS denies Justice Dept. request for clarification of Trump travel ban ruling, leaving lower court decision on families in place

It’s time for the White House to ignore a Left-wing partisan federal judge over the president’s travel ban

Supreme Court backs TRUMP over travel ban, slapping down lower federal courts and dishonest media that claimed he didn’t have the authority

Trump getting slammed for calling EO a “travel ban,” but the law makes clear that’s exactly what it is

Supreme Court to expedite Trump administration’s appeal of travel ban strike downs

Trump administration takes travel ban case to Supreme Court

Judiciary now attempting to nullify the presidential election with ridiculous ruling on Trump’s travel ban

Two liberal activist judges block Trump’s revised travel ban

Trump set to sign new executive order banning travel to U.S. from terrorist countries – with some changes

Survey: Most Americans don’t see Trump executive order as “Muslim ban”

Video: Leftist judges are attempting to create a constitutional right to immigrate to the U.S.

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