Why are Republicans relentlessly pursued and indicted over non-crimes while Democrats go free for TREASON?

Now what? Turns out Rosenstein was SERIOUS about planned coup against POTUS Trump

John ‘Benedict Arnold’ Kerry admits meeting ‘3-4 times’ with Iran to ‘preserve’ nuke deal

Sen. Rand Paul CARPET BOMBS Deep State hack John Brennan after calling POTUS Trump a traitor

Mike Huckabee tweets a ballistic MISSILE at Hillary after she question’s TRUMP’s loyalty

Former CIA officer: Hillary ‘involved in BIGGEST TREASON in history’ (Video)

Trump declares Pravda media’s ‘FAKE NEWS’ our greatest threat: Here’s why he’s RIGHT

UNBELIEVABLE: Jeff Sessions REFUSES to bring charges in Pakistani SPYING case linked to ‘treasonous’ Democrats

SHOCK: Obama lobbied Canada’s Trudeau to work AGAINST Trump administration

At least CANADA knows what ‘Chelsea’ Manning really is

Soros to INCREASE lobbying efforts in 2017 in further attempt to buy his revolution

Did former CIA Director Brennan just call for a COUP if Trump fires Mueller?

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Most Americans think Leftist ‘establishment media’ is committing treason by publishing classified info

Will there come a time when Trump will have to charge Obama with sedition?

Report: Obama paid Iranians more than $10 billion; intentionally deflated amount

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