Trump agenda

POTUS Trump: Paul Ryan blocked GOP firebrands from issuing subpoenas to Leftist Deep State figures

POTUS Trump eviscerates anti-American DEMS over refusal to back border security

Conservatives, it’s time to take back our party

Yes, the DEM victory in Pennsylvania’s special election WAS a referendum on Trump, and that’s a GOOD thing

Conservative groups to Team McConnell: ‘Step aside, please’

Limbaugh: ‘Obvious’ Trump is succeeding

Bannon, Ingraham unite to help depose #nevertrump GOP Sen. Flake

Small-dollar TRUMP supporters are driving GOP donations

GOP donors say Senate RINOs hurting the party — and they’re right

Memo to GOP Congress: Voters are blaming YOU, not Trump, for lack of progress on the president’s agenda

Hannity pushes McConnell to deliver Trump-voter agenda: ‘Go big or go home’

New RNC spokeswoman McEnany: ‘Tax reform’ coming, along with major immigration reform and O-care REPEAL

Foxconn adding SECOND plant in key battleground state Trump won: #MAGA

Great again: U.S. Coal exports soar, proving Trump energy agenda is moving ahead

Congressional inaction on Trump agenda costing America 1,000 jobs PER DAY

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