Trump dossier

Comey admitted his FBI did NOT corroborate bogus Trump dossier before getting FISA warrant

FAKE news media repeats discredited story claiming Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was in Prague meeting with “Russians”

Comey ADMITS he hid fact from Trump that DEMS, Clinton paid for DOSSIER (Video)

Trump warns: Mueller probe ‘should never have been started;’ launched from ‘bogus dossier’

Sara Carter: Trump dossier author Steele KNEW Hillary, DNC, paid for document; FBI did NOT inform FISA court

Nunes: Operatives in DoJ, FBI, fought Congress to hide fact that Hillary, DNC paid for BOGUS dossier

Sessions, DOJ ‘Better be Doing Something’ On Hillary, Dossier, Eric Trump Says

Donald Trump suggests Obama administration should be under investigation for Russian meddling

Nunes ATTACKS: ‘Phase 2’ of Trump dossier probe comes with threat to subpoena Comey, Clapper, Brennan and a dozen others

Nunes expands dossier probe to find out what Obama knew

Nunes pledges to investigate former CIA chief John Brennan; ‘He may have perjured himself’

Clinton hatchet man Schearer peddled TRUMP DIRT sooner than thought; info found its way to DOSSIER author Steele

Report suggests FBI PAID Trump dossier author Steele’s travel expenses so he’d look like an ‘INFORMANT’ rather than a HACK for the DNC

Key Trump dossier figure Carter Page disputes MAJOR allegation in document; ‘NEVER met’ Russian figure

FISA MEMO DROPS…Shows MASSIVE conspiracy to ensnare TEAM TRUMP using BOGUS dossier and COLLUSION with a foreign agent

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