Trump economy

Trump tariffs working: Apple to move 30 percent of production OUT of China due to tariffs

Fact-checking Bernie Sanders: Fox News forum forced this socialist to come clean about healthcare, economy

The numbers are in: Trump’s economy grew most last year since 2005

Unable to argue against Trump’s historic growth, 2020 Dems now say we need ‘moral economy’

As POTUS Trump’s policies create record job growth, Dems’ push to force higher minimum wages will undo those gains

POTUS Trump dings Obama over stellar manufacturing numbers: ‘Magic wand?’

Nancy Pelosi says employment records under Trump, GOP are part of ‘agenda’ to hurt ‘families’

More Americans employed than ever as Trump economy continues breaking records

It’s official: U.S. economy under Trump ONLY one improving among major powers

Trump effect: Food stamp usage down for EIGHT straight months

WaPo, NYTimes BOTH hail POTUS Trump’s fast-growing economy

Jobs, wage growth RED hot in August as economy continues to expand

And in other news: Jobless claims under POTUS Trump fall AGAIN to post-1969 low

BOOM! Atlanta Fed raises GDP for third quarter to 4.6 percent

The Trump economy is SO GOOD even the Left-wing media has to admit it

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