Trump hate

Yes, conservative Trump supporters, Democrats hate us and believe they have a right to exterminate us

Fact: CNN really is the ‘hate Trump network,’ say former conservative contributors

Garbage in, garbage out: CNN’s ratings continue to TANK as anti-Trump hysteria reaches fever pitch after Mueller report

NYTimes’ Paul Krugman says all Republicans are not just bad people, they are liars, too

CNN is on life-support and STILL the network thinks 24/7 Trump-bashing is a winner

Pathetic: Chelsea Clinton supports her criminal mother’s call for Brits to PROTEST Trump visit

Nolte: ‘Trump hate has finally killed off the 1960s’

Here’s another reason why John McCain will forever be the Senate’s biggest turd

DELUDED: People of Chicago excuse Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s LOUSY leadership because he’s anti-Trump

Disgusting UNLV prof blames TRUMP for the Vegas shooting

How Trump hate in GOP ranks may also doom tax reform

Trump sending hospital ship to Puerto Rico; Washington Post credits Hillary Clinton

Mad Maxine still trying to get Trump impeached, this time over his NFL comments

Unhinged: Alt-Left co-leader of Dem party thinks North Korean leader ‘more responsible’ than Trump

Survey says: Most believe Democrats are not about substance, just Trump hate

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