Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Citizenship question on 2020 census vital because ‘we have no idea who’s living in USA’ (Video)

Pulitzer winner says Trump ‘broke the brains’ of ‘a lot of people’ with his steadfast resistance to coup attempt

Tucker Carlson: Mexico has become a ‘hostile power’ that the U.S. must deal with (Video)

Tucker Carlson on Cohen ‘circus’: ‘This is a distraction, and we’re falling for it’ (Video)

Like Obama lied about Obamacare, Ocasio-Cortez advisor caught LYING about her ‘Green New Deal’ plan

Dershowitz: Mueller will smear Trump in final report because he has NOTHING on him

Tucker Carlson on Antifa mob that descended on his home: ‘This is not allowed’

Tucker Carlson: ‘We’re on the cusp of something horrible’ in America thanks to the Left’s rage

Joe diGenova: ‘Loon’ Kavanaugh accuser isn’t going to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee

Tucker LACES Dems over their bogus called for ‘civility’ after the disgraceful way they behaved during Kavanaugh hearing

Tucker Carlson’s Hispanic guest tries to bring RACE into Mollie Tibbetts murder and gets SHUT down

Dershowitz: Mueller trying to ‘SQUEEZE’ Manafort for dirt on POTUS Trump because he has NOTHING

Tucker Carlson schools one-time illegal immigrant lawyer: ‘You’re a Mexican!’ (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul CARPET BOMBS Deep State hack John Brennan after calling POTUS Trump a traitor

WHAT?? Dem Rep. Adam Smith blatantly LIED during interview claiming ’12 indicted Russians had REGULAR CONTACT with Trump campaign officials’ (Video)

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